Non Permanent branding a slave

- In Session – Unable to be marked? Mistress can brand you in a non perminant and hidden manner by putting my cigerette out on the back of your parched toungue. This way you will have a constant reminder of your sessions with me. Everytime you drink or eat for the next couple of weeks, your tongue will feel the sore just like a fresh burn EVERYTIME.

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Semi-Permanent Mistress branding slave

In Session – Would you like to show me how much you adore my attention? How lucky you consider yourself to be owned by me? Branding is a serious commitment to your Mistress. A semi-permanent marking procedure must be endured to be branded. Should you wish to have this done, Mistress uses the “Cell Popping” procedure to burn her initials into her chosen area. This type of play can have an extremely good or bad psychological effect on the bearer of my marks.

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Permanent -

Personal – Mistress mark your skin with the words “property of MK” with a tattoo gun. A mobile tattooist slave of Mistress Kent will arrive before our ceremony starts and will observe the proceedings. This decision will only be reached by mutual agreement and upon your initiation of becoming full time slave. This is not a paid service.

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