Mistress anal insertion

Prostate Massage/Milking
Did you know that men have a g-spot just like women do? You must have seen a woman writhing in the throws of sexual ecstasy… come to think of it, you probably haven’t, at least not in real life, but anyhow… Now you can experience it for yourself. Just imagine Mistress or Nurses latex gloved fingers sliding into your arse, gently but firmly massaging your most intimate of areas as you squeal like the bitch that you are… how deliciously humiliating. You may not get turned on… you may not even get hard, but that matters not. You WILL spunk your load for your Mistress WITHOUT achieving orgasm.. at least not in the conventional manner. I highly recommend this for anal sluts who think that they have experienced all that they can with anal play. I will show you that there is much more to discover!

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